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Musa 'Rajapuri'
For best growth
above 65°F is
recommended. Wind

Light: Full sun to no less
than 30% shade. Foliage
growers should use
30%-60% shade.

Soil: Good water holding
capacity is needed

Mature Height: 8-10'

Type: Dessert

Hardiness: Zone 8-9
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The 'Rajapuri' is small at 6 to 8 feet tall. This
plant that originated from India is a first choice
for landscaping. The plant is totally green, has a
very thick stem and stands up very well to wind.
The leaves are wider than those of most bananas
growing up to 3 feet wide. It is the best plant to
grow in marginal areas or where a grower does
not intend to put much care into the cultivation
of bananas. The heads of fruit are of moderate
size with medium sized fruit that are very sweet.